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At Legalopedia Educatinia, we are dedicated to fostering a vibrant research culture in Pakistan. As a Private Limited Company, we endeavor to advance knowledge through various initiatives such as publishing research journals, organizing the prestigious Law Moot Competition, offering Virtual Summer internships, and hosting Research Conferences. Our mission is to inspire and empower the next generation of scholars and legal professionals, driving innovation and excellence in the field of law and beyond.

Legalopedia Educatinia is a Private Limited Company aiming to promote the research culture in Pakistan. Our projects include the publications of research journals, the Law Moot Competition, Virtual Summer internships, and Research Conferences.

Legalopedia Educatinia is working under the leadership of Mr. Afrasiab Ahmed Rana.

Afrasiab Ahmed Rana


Mr. Afrasiab Ahmed Rana leads Legalopedia Educatinia, focusing on law, academia, and editorial duties in Pakistan.

Azhar Abbasi Bhatti


Lenia is co-led by the corporate Leadership Mr. Azhar Abbas Bhatti, who is also the COO of A.A. Marketing, Islamabad, a leading real estate firm in Islamabad.

Dr. Homam el Taj

Graphic Designer

Dr. El-Taj, Editor in Chief at Pakistan Journal of Law, specializes in cybersecurity and intrusion detection.

Dr. Bushra Khan

Editor in Chief

Former Notre Dame JSD graduate, Dr. Bushra Khan specializes in constitutional law, human rights, and international law.

Dr. Intikhab Ahmad

Dr. Intikhab Ahmad, Editor in Chief, Legalopedia Educatinia Research Journal: Expertise in technology, media, and human behavior.


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